This was our first year going to the Ballarat Swap Meet, and it exceeded our wildest imagination. The photos and explanations that we'd read about it beforehand didn't even come close to summing up the sheer scale of the event. It was intimidating. We walked around for hours and feel like we barely scratched the surface, seeing maybe a third of the aisles and even then, we were skimming through.

We did find some good scores, aka random junk we absolutely didn't need but bought anyway. Thankfully my wife is an incredibly understanding and equally junk-hunting-obsessed woman who didn't expect me to try justify my need for 1980s pedestrian-crossing traffic light, or an Oscilloscope... I'll do a post about the items we picked up and my plans for retromodding/hacking them soon, but being a car-nut, especially cars that are mostly rust and dirt and older than me, I mostly just walked around drooling at all the incredible classics on display. Many were for sale, in part or whole, and others were there promoting various businesses and stalls.

There were some seriously unique and incredible vehicles on display, from the original tour bus for AC/DC's 1971 tour, to frankenstein cars made by merging shells with one car to chassis of another (like the lifted 4WD XY Ute below). The creativity and ingenuity of old-car people never ceases to amaze me.

It's a real shame it's only once a year, but I guess that's what makes it such a big event. If you're ever in Ballarat this time of year, definitely check it out. I only really took photos of the vehicles but it had absolutely everything... collectable kitchen-ware, toys, model trains, old technology like phones and radios, bicycles and parts, clothes, and everything in between. It's like how weekend markets used to be before all the stalls got taken over by cheap imported junk and fidget spinners, times a thousand.