We finally went to check out Ballarat Wildlife Park, and it's seriously something special. It's not the usual "look at animals in the distances beyond a fence and hope your camera can zoom far enough", but instead more "cuddle this kangaroo then hand feed this koala".

They have 'over 100' kangaroos roaming the grounds free, all of which are tame and incredibly friendly, and who love being hand fed and scratched under the chin. There's ducks roaming, koalas so close you can smell them (yes, they stink!) and some proper once-in-a-lifetime experiences like Sumatran Tigers (critically endangered) and turtles bigger than my kids.

Tassie Devils (of which the park is actively involved in breeding/conserving), giant crocodiles and alligators, an entire building full of snakes, emus, cossawarys, penguins(!!), wombats, and so much more. Ballarat continues to surprise us.

We've signed up as yearly members, and will definitely be visiting a lot more. I foresee an abundance of animal photography in my future... now I'm off to browse big lenses.